Safe Stump Removal and Tree Removal in Wallingford

Our tree surgeons have over twenty years of experience removing trees and stumps for private and commercial customers. Tree removal may be required for a number of reasons, such as disease or as part of a site clearance for a new development. We use various methods when felling and removing stumps. Based in Crowmarsh Gifford, our primary service areas are Wallingford, Didcot and the surrounding Oxfordshire area.


Stump and tree removal should be undertaken by qualified arborists with the right training and equipment. You can feel confident when using Coulton Tree Services. We use high-quality modern equipment and our professionals are certified in the following:


  • Branch Removal & Crown Breakdown Using a Chainsaw (NPTC Level 2)
  • Felling & Processing Trees Over 380mm (NPTC Level 3)
  • Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw Using Free-Fall Techniques (NPTC Level 3)


Tree removal can often be carried out on a 24/7 emergency basis, call us now on 01491 282302 or 07824 617377.


Tree Removal


We offer a complete tree removal service for customers in Wallingford and the wider Oxfordshire area. Using advanced dismantling techniques and high-quality equipment, our team can safely remove or part remove trees anywhere on a property. We use the high-performing First ST6P Woodchipper to reduce trunks and branches into smaller, more portable woodchips which can be easily transported off of your property.


Common reasons for tree removal include:


  • Declining health due to disease
  • Significantly damaged due to a storm
  • The tree is dead and at risk of falling
  • Outgrowing the space where it is
  • Leaning towards a building or property


Our expert tree surgeons can quickly identify symptoms of disease and decay, or risk to a property. We’ll always look to replant or prune trees before felling. However, if tree removal is needed you can be sure our team will get the job done safely and professionally. We comply with the latest HSE health and safety regulations to fell trees of any size safely.

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Stump Grinding


After a tree has been felled, we recommend having the stump removed straight away. When a tree stump is left in the ground, there is a risk of new growth sprouting from the stump or fungal growth which can spread to nearby plants. Tree stumps also make an ideal home for unwanted pests like termites and generally appear unsightly on your property.


We use specialist stump grinding machinery such as the Danequip 30SP Stump Grinder to safely remove tree stumps for our clients in and around Wallingford and Didcot. Stump grinders work by chipping away the wood with a powerful rotating cutting disc which grinds the stump down to below ground level. These are capable of removing stumps to a depth of up to 12 inches. We’ll select the most suitable machine for the job, based on the size of the stump and available access. Our smallest machine only needs a 700mm wide access point.


Our company is licensed to carry out stump removal in restricted areas such as forest plantations and highways, or in areas where ground disturbance is a possible issue.


Stumps can be removed any time, but grinding is best carried out directly after tree removal. We offer tree removal, stump grinding and tree planting as a combined service, and any resulting timber or wood chipping can be left at your property for your own use.

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Our Environmental Commitment


At Coulton Tree Services, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in all aspects of our work. Our company has invested in eco-friendly equipment and we recycle any green waste generated through our services as tree surgeons. Some customers choose to keep the waste produced from our work, such as timber for firewood, which we are happy to supply.


Eco-Friendly Equipment


When undertaking arborist services in Wallingford, Didcot and the surrounding areas, we minimise our impact on the natural environment by using environmentally-friendly equipment. This includes using biodegradable oils and bio diesels for our stump grinding machinery and lower emission power tools to carry out safe tree removal.




During tree removal, stump grinding and many of our other arborist services, an extensive amount of green waste is generated. This is generally in the form of wood chippings, timber and non-chippable waste such as hedge cutting trimmings. All waste is carefully managed and recycled. Much of it can be fed into our wood chipper to produce chippings that can be used for a variety of applications, from weed control to decorative landscaping.

Call 01491 282302 or 07824 617377 today for tree removal and stump grinding services in Wallingford and the surrounding Oxfordshire area. We offer no-obligation quotes.

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