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At Coulton Tree Services, our team of tree surgeons has a duty of care for the environment. Whether through site clearances, tree removal, hedge cutting or general tree surgery, our aim is to help vegetation and wildlife thrive in the Henley area.


This may seem like a contradiction in terms. After all, deforestation is one of the major contributing factors to global warming.

Mass-felling also has a devastating effect on wildlife, potentially wiping out over 20,000 species within the next 25 years.


However, hedge cutting, tree removal and site clearances can be necessary to protect the environment and maintain a balanced ecosystem.


Whatever tree surgery we undertake in Henley, we always apply careful consideration for the environment. Our tree surgeons also use eco-friendly equipment, biodegradable oils and bio diesels to reduce our carbon footprint.


Site Clearance


Overgrown sites of bramble, scrub and trees can be an excellent source of shelter and food for local wildlife in Henley. However, if left unchecked, they can disrupt the flora and fauna of the area. Self-seeded, vigorous vegetation can choke nearby plants. Destructive climbers like ivy can strangle a tree, eventually leading to its death.


In such cases, tree surgery or site clearance may be the answer.


In the event of fallen trees, our tree surgeons recycle all green waste through a wood chipper. These wood chippings can be used for a number of applications such as mulch, fuel and decorating your Henley garden.


Some tree surgeons will recycle hedge cuttings into biomass fuel.


Tree Surgery and Tree Removal


We offer several services to help maintain environmental balance in the Henley area:


  • Tree pollarding is an extreme form of pruning, without which certain tree species like poplar and willow may not survive
  • Crown reduction is most often used to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches. This reduces the overall size of a tree and prevents it becoming a falling risk
  • Formative pruning helps young trees to grow properly, improving their general health and shape
  • Dead wooding (often carried out with crown thinning) removes dead branches which may be a falling risk to passersby, vehicles or property
  • Stump removal reduces the risk of contaminated roots spreading disease to nearby trees. Rotting stumps can also be a breeding ground for fungi, which is harmful to some animals


If a tree is adversely affecting its surrounding environment, our tree surgeons prefer to employ tree surgery practices, such as those listed above, before turning to tree removal or site clearance.


Hedge Cutting


To Coulton Tree Services, hedge cutting is more than just performing the occasional trim to keep the hedgerows of Henley neat and tidy.


Hedges are natural barriers which provide perfect shelter for wildlife – especially if they contain fruiting plants. We always take into account the best time of year to carry out hedgerow maintenance, ensuring negligible disruption to any sheltering wildlife.


When undertaken by responsible tree surgeons like us, hedge cutting can keep wildlife safe while encouraging the growth of a sturdy natural barrier for your farmland or home.


Our attitude towards site clearances, hedge cutting, tree removal and tree surgery in Henley makes Coulton Tree Services the environmentally responsible choice.

Call us today on 01491 282 302 or 07824 617 377 to learn how tree surgery and site clearance services have a positive impact on the Henley environment.

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